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Highway 160 near Pahrump

Image of Pahrump Highway 160

This is Highway 160 just outside Pahrump looking eastbound towards Las Vegas. This image was taken a few years ago just after they repaved Highway 160 which seemed to take months to complete. Im sure you can just feel the heat of this image as it rises off the black asphalt. I had to stand in the middle of the highway to take this image and it really is not my favorate place to be tail wind traffic going 70 miles per hour. But I had at least a mile of clear visibility and late in the afternoon there is not that much eastbound traffic on 160, most of it is returning to Pahrump for those who commute to Las Vegas. If you view this image in Full Screen you can see a Nevada Highway Patrol Car in the lower left part of the screen set up for Speed Trap for all those Pahrumpians in a hurry to get home. He must of thought i was out of my mind standing in the middle of the highway and probably did not see my camera from such a far distance.

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