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Panamint Mountains view from Pahrump

View of Panamint Mountains from Pahrump Nevada

The Panamint Mountains are located in California and can be seen past the Nopah Mountain from Pahrump Nevada. These Mountains are close to 11,000 feet high and located on the other side of Death Valley. Panamint Mountains are about 40 Miles to the West as the Crow Flys of Pahrump and can be seen on the none dusty days in the higher elevations of Pahrump. I took this photo from the end of Postal Road as you head up towards Mount Charleston. This road turns to gravel and not easily travelled as the rocks get bigger. I took this on one of those really cold January Mornings, the kind of day that you just want to sit in you car. You can see Highway 372 and the morning traffic in Pahrump in the lower part of the image. If you really want to get a great view of the Panamint mountains and Telscope Peak also try Dantes Peak in Death Valley.

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